Yo whassup!

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Friday28th January 2011

Hundon School near Sudbury.

The children were really enthusiastic and it was great that they all wanted my autograph. KS2 did a particulary active Gingerbread Rap.  Thanks to Mrs. Frere for inviting me and I really liked the giant albatross in the Year 3/4 classroom! 

Sidegate School in Ipswich

WOW!!! What a massive school!! My biggest audience yet and we wrote a great story about someone who couldn’t stop sneezing! I had a great time….but my throat hurt at the end trying to shout to the back of the room…I might need to carry a microphone!! Thanks to Mrs. Johnson for inviting me.

The Gingerbread CD is now available to buy on the website www.montaguepublishing.co.uk only £3.99…hopefully as requested by several schools, I will get the Gingerbread Rap on You tube soon!

Looking forward to my visits to Peterborough on Friday.

Thursday 3rd February 2011

Hope Alderman Jacobs School in Whittlesey and Farcet Primary in Peterborough are ready to get rapping! See you tomorrow….. 🙂

Tuesday 8th February 2011

Had a great time in Peterborough on Friday and a big shout out to children from Farcet School and Alderman Jacobs in Whittlesey. The children at both schools were awesome and they nearly deafened me rapping The Gingerbread Rap!! Getting lots of orders by post and books should be with you soon. Look out for me in your local papers from my time at Alderman Jacobs….keep on rapping! 🙂

Can the children at Clarkson Infants and Townley School near Wisbech match up to the brilliant Peterboro’ Posse??? No pressure!

P.S If you are reading this blog I’m going to post some sneak peeks of my new books…coming soon!

Wednesday 16th February 2011

Wow…for a small school Townley School made some serious noise! A brilliant story about Sapphire in Goldenland and thanks to Mr. Glozier for putting visit together.
Also saw an enthusiastic KS1 audience at Clarkson Infants. Some very small but confident rappers!

Newnham Croft School in Cambridge this week then it’s half term and time to do some more writing on Tommy Tomkins and the Curse of the Thought Bubble. Gingerbread Rapper nearly ready for youtube too!

Wednesday 23rd February 2011

Half Term which means time to write for me! Finished another Chapter of ‘Curse of Thought Bubble’ Just met our old friend Giuseppe the baker again…love his accent!

Had a great visit to Newnham Croft and will hopefully be visiting again to do some more workshops with the children. Thanks to Mrs. McPhee and one little girl who spent all the money she had on a CD…hope she enjoyed it 🙂

BIG NEWS!!! As requested The Gingerbread Rap is now on youtube…not as good as doing it yourself or a live performance but still loads of fun see it at:


Tuesday 1st March 2011

Did a World Book Day assembly at St. Andrew’s School in Soham today….they did a very active ‘Gingerbread Rap’ and had loads of questions. They were very excited about one of my new books…especially the Year 3’s!! Hope everyone is reading loads this week for World Book Day. I’ve just read Herb The Vegetarian Dragon and loved it…nice moral and fantastic pictures check Herb out at:


Got a REALLY busy week this week visiting 5 schools!!!

Thursday in Felixstowe area – Trimley St. Mary’s, Orford and Bawdsey schools

Friday in Ipswich and Woodbridge – Handford Hall and Grundisburgh schools

…oh I wish it could be World Book Day everyday…… 🙂

Thursday 10th March 2011

Had a brilliant World Book Day and all the schools I visited were briliant. Some of the children in Orford School even asked for my autograph. Handford Hall had the smartest dressed audience as a lot of them were dressed as book characters so first time I have had questions from Harry Potter and Buzz Lightyear! 5 schools in 2 days was brilliant…but exhausting that’s 8 times doing ‘The Gingerbread Rap’! Hope you all enjoyed it.

This week I am in West Row and New Cangle Schools…see you tomorrow 😉

P.S 235 views on youtube for ‘The Gingerbread Rap’. Awesome.

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6 Responses to Yo whassup!

  1. Would love to hear your comments and suggestions!

  2. Madeline Johnson says:

    What a great visit. Children had a fantastic time. Loved the story of Hoppy, Floppy and the haunted Wellington Boot.

    Look forward to your poetry workshop.

  3. Lisa says:

    We have just watched the Gingerbread Rap on Youtube. We loved singing along! Flynn’s mummy said that she does not sing the rap half as good as you do. We love this story!!

    Love from Flynn, his Mummy Gill and his Aunty Lisa 🙂

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